JAPANESE DRAMA: Resident Go-nin no Kenshui / 實習醫生五人組 / レジデント~5人の研修医

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實習醫生五人組 / Resident Go-nin no Kenshui

首播:2012-10-18 週四
主演:仲裡依紗,林遣都,增田貴久,大政絢,石橋杏奈,須藤理彩,荒川良良,皆川猿時,光浦靖子,古田新太, 小澤徵悅

簡介: (aya@YYeTs人人影視字幕組原創翻譯轉載請註明出處)



Title: レジデント~5人の研修医
Title (romaji): Resident ~ Go-nin no Kenshui
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast start: 2012-October-18
Air time: Thursday 21:00


Raised in a family where her father is a general practitioner, Miyama Shizuku (Naka Riisa) initially aspired to be a doctor to please her father, but he was against it. Vowing to become a doctor no matter what it takes, Shizuku entered the faculty of medicine on a scholarship without any financial assistance from her parents. She is now a first-year houseman at a university hospital’s accident and emergency centre for a three-month training along with Yazawa Kei (Hayashi Kento), Manaka Junichi (Masuda Takahisa), Koiwai Hinako (Omasa Aya), Arashiro Sachi (Ishibashi Anna). Half a year into becoming doctors, they still do not have the ability to save people. Unable to do anything, they can only stand dazedly rooted to the spot in the emergency centre where every minute counts. They encounter patients with anorexia, bulimia, suicidal tendencies, depression … … While some people refuse social security and push their children to the brink of starvation, others take advantage of the state subsidies for medical treatment to go to the hospital in an ambulance instead of a taxi. In addition, the reality of the medical scene is overworked doctors because of their severe shortage. The five of them do not have high aspirations as doctors and also do not know which department they should move on to. To begin with, they do not even know if they truly want to be doctors. Trained by their experienced seniors and a variety of patients, they develop the qualities of a doctor and mature as adults.--Jdramas Wordpress


Naka Riisa as Miyama Shizuku
Hayashi Kento as Yazawa Kei
Masuda Takahisa as Manaka Junichi
Omasa Aya as Oiwai Hinako
Ishibashi Anna as Shinjo Sachi
Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Miyajima Kazuki
Furuta Arata as Tabuchi Ikuo
Terajima Susumu as Miyama Katsumi


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