JAPANESE DRAMA: Akumu-chan / 惡夢小姐

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惡夢小姐 簡介 Akumu-chan Synopsis

首播:2012-10-13 週六

簡介: (蛋蛋@YYeTs人人影視字幕組原創翻譯轉載請註明出處)



    Title (romaji): Akumu-chan
    Also known as: Nightmare Kid
    Format: Renzoku
    Genre: science-fiction, comedy, mystery, school and suspense
    Broadcast network: NTV
    Broadcast date: 2012-Oct-13
    Air time: Saturday 21:00 


A black-hearted teacher and a young girl with foreseeing dreams save the world!

Mutoi Ayami (Kitagawa) looks like a sincere and splendid primary school teacher on the outside, but she’s actually a black-hearted woman who doesn’t believe in love or other deep bonds. One day, her class gets a mysterious new transfer student named Koto Yuiko (Kimura) who greets her new classmates with a shocking remark – “Someone in this school is soon going to kill a person.” Around the same time some anonymous blogger has been exposing the real character of Ayami and now everyone thinks that this blogger is no other than Yuiko. Ayami herself thinks so too and decides to make a home visitation at Yuiko’s place and there she finds out that Yuiko actually has the ability to dream about the future and that her grandfather Koto Mannosuke (Kohinata) has invented a technology to project her dreams onto a monitor.

Mutoi Ayami has a special way of dreaming as well, because she is able to control them to her liking. In those so-called “lucid dreams”, you are dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming.

GACKT is playing a respected professor of neurology named Shiki Takashi who helps out Yuiko’s grandfather. He wants to go public with his research, but her grandfather is absolutely against it, which causes him to gradually lose his temper. He looks like the ‘ideal prince’ who Ayami regularly meets in her lucid dreams. Other characters include the horror- and cult-loving school nurse Hirajima Kotoha (Yuka) and the hot-blooded and always bright school teacher Mugiyama Yuichi (Okada).

Ayami is struggling to save the world from all those nightmares Yuiko is dreaming about, although she could think of plenty more enjoyable ways to spend her time. One of the highlights of this series will be the visualization of all those weird and lucid dreams --tokyohive


Correlation chart

    Kitagawa Keiko as Mutoi Ayami
    Kimura Manatsu as Koto Yuiko
    Gackt as Shiki Takashi
    Yuka as Hirajima Kotoha
    Okada Keisuke as Mugiyama Yuichi
    Kohinata Fumiyo as Koto Mannosuke
    Hamada Mari 

Production Credits

    Original writing: ‘Yume Chigai’ by Onda Riku
    Screenwriter: Omori Sumio
    Directors: Sakuma Noriyoshi, Inomata Ryuichi, and Sugawara Shintaro 


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