FILIPINO DRAMA: My Lover, My Wife - Synopsis & Video Clips

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My Lover, My Wife was a television drama series developed by GMA Network starring Nadine Samonte, Luis Alandy, and Maxene Magalona. The show premiered on February 28, 2011 replacing Koreana. The series premiered to positive critical feedback and impressive viewership.


My Lover, My Wife tells the story of three hearts caught in a web of deceit and the struggle for truth, using plastic surgery as a key plot device, and is set against the backdrop of a police investigation.

It begins with Vivian (Maxene Magalona) and Arthur (Marco Alcaraz), a medical student, falling helplessly in love with each other. Arthur's mother disapproves of the relationship. She sends Arthur to the US; though the two try to maintain a long-distance relationship, they soon lose contact, leaving Vivian brokenhearted.

Years later, Vivian is a receptionist for the Romero Surgi-Clinic where she encounters Arthur. Old feelings resurface between the two, but their love story simply proves to be impossible to resume as Vivian learns that Arthur is already married to April (Nadine Samonte), a cosmetic surgeon and daughter of Dr. Charity Romero (Carmi Martin), the owner of the clinic. Vivian pushes aside her feelings for Arthur and forces herself to fall for Lawrence (Luis Alandy), a suitor she met at the clinic and, not long after, marries him. Happiness, however, will still elude Vivian and Arthur.

Vivian soon finds out that Lawrence is a wife beater and is stuck in an unhappy marriage with him, even when they have a child; Arthur, unable to deal with his lingering feelings for Vivian, grows cold towards April — resulting in April having an affair. Arthur finds out about this and, in the heated confrontation that ensues, April accidentally shoots her lover. Charity bribes Lawrence to help April and Arthur escape the authorities. As the three are about to escape, Lawrence and Arthur figure in an accident that burns Lawrence’s body beyond recognition and leaves Arthur severely burned.

The police only find two bodies in the wreckage and assume those to be of the pilot and Arthur. Charity and April then embark on the deception that will change everything — they reconstruct Arthur’s face to look exactly like Lawrence’s! Upon gaining consciousness, Arthur is disgusted with what his wife and mother-in-law have done… but also sees it as an opportunity to go back to Vivian, even if it means assuming the identity of Lawrence. Vivian initially rejects “Lawrence’s” attempt at redemption, but soon believes that her husband has changed. She begins to love “Lawrence” as she did Arthur — not knowing that it really is Arthur.

April, however, is not about to give Arthur up that easily and fights for her right as his real wife, who is now living the life of Lawrence. She drugs Arthur and fools him to spend the night with her. She gets pregnant, barges into Vivian’s home, and declares that she will stay there. Vivian protests but is unable to do anything but tolerate the situation she has found herself in — for her child and for the love she feels for the person she believes is her husband.

The lover, the wife, and the husband find themselves living in one house — though which is which remain unclear, as Vivian is the wife of Lawrence, but April is the wife of Arthur … and for now, Arthur is Lawrence.

But the truth will soon catch up on them, as love proves to be much more powerful than the lies that have trapped their hearts.


Main cast

    Nadine Samonte as April Romero-Salvador †
    Maxene Magalona as Vivian Torres-Delgado
    Luis Alandy as Lawrence Delgado † / Arthur Salvador

Recurring cast

    Carmi Martin as Charity Romero †
    Ernie Garcia as Ramon, Vivian's father
    Maybelyn Dela Cruz as Ellen, Vivian's older sister
    Jace Flores as Cesar
    Dion Ignacio as Jordan, SPO1 Castro's brother who will have a hand in discovering the truth about Arthur.
    Princess Snell as Hazel
    Prince Stefan as Dong
    Rox Montealegre as Lyka
    Zyrael Jestre as Nicco Delgado, Vivian and Lawrence's son

Guest stars

    Marco Alcaraz as Arthur Salvador
    Richard Quan as SPO1 Arnel Castro †, the head investigator of the case against April and Arthur. He dies in the course of the investigation.
    Mia Pangyarihan as Bianca


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